Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nook Review

One of the best products I bought this year was the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  The Nook is an e-reader that is sleek, light-weight, and has a lot of great features.
One of the best features that I like is the free 3G connectivity to the online B&N bookstore.  I’ve never had any connection problems and an entire bookstore of e-books is available at my fingertips.  This has been one of my favorite features because as soon as I finish reading one book I’m disappointed if I don’t have another one lined up ready to go.  Not a problem for me now.
With a touch screen menu you can go to your library which holds all of your e-books, check your favorite daily blogs (like this one!), shop for more books, play games, connect to the internet and more.
When I pitched the idea to my wife it was an easy sell.  I have so many books taking up shelf space (and floor space in some rooms) in my house she was excited at the prospect of shoring up some space on the walls. 
But what if I just want to borrow a book from somebody?  If anybody else has a Nook and recommends a book to me, they can lend it to me and vice versa.  So the e-book would go from their Nook to mine. 
The craziness doesn’t stop there.  Go into any Barnes and Noble and through the free Wi-Fi feature you can read any book that Barnes and Noble offers as though you’re reading a book right off the shelf. 
I researched both the Kindle and the Nook before I made the decision for the Nook.  Honestly, they’re not that far apart in features.  The main ones that separated the Nook in my mind were the touch screen menu and the ability to borrow/lend e-books to others.  I think both are great products though. 
Typical e-books run anywhere from the low price of free, to as high as $12.99 for new releases still in hardback. Most books are $9.99.
The Nook with 3G and Wi-Fi currently runs about $199.  The Nook without 3G but has Wi-Fi runs about $149.


  1. What's great is that this is stuff we thought would only happen in the future but it's here now and it is awesome. And just imagine what are kids will have 20 years from now.

  2. Very true. Although I'm disappointed that we don't yet have flying cars.

  3. Brandon and I both have nooks and we love them!

  4. That's cool Chantal. I've never actually been able to try the lend a book feature. Has it worked well for you two?

  5. This is very interesting. I think that Herb would be happy about this as it would mean less boxes from and to be able to share would be awesome.

  6. That is true. Haven't had to deal with a lot of boxes lately. The fact that prices are so cheap for books is great too. Another thing I forgot to mention, is whenever one of my favorite authors is about to release a new title, they'll make one of their older titles available for free. They do this in hopes of you liking their older book and will buy their new one.

  7. Well done Tim. I was wondering how the Nook Compared to other readers, like the Kindle. I really had no concept of what it was capable of. And thanks also for reading my blog! I appreciate it....And Thank you for serving our country. The blog looks great, Keep up the good work and I am sure you will find success. If you have any questions I am always around to give a hand.

  8. Thanks Computerjnkman! I've added your blog as one of the Blogs I Follow. I really have used a lot of your tips!